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Ministry History

Our mission is to honor Jesus Christ through worship prayer and obedience through his word and through the power of the Holy Spirit. We practice spiritual and moral ethical and sexual purity. We build strong marriages and families through love, protection, and biblical values. We are committed to reach beyond any racial barriers.

“We are non-denominational so that we can demonstrate the power of biblical unity.”


Our Primary Ministry Mission Statements:

We are committed to pursue vital relationships with other men with an understanding that men need each other as brothers in Christ to help each of them keep their promises to the Lord and to their families.

We are committed to supporting the mission of the Lord’s church by honoring and praying for the overall ministry to continue to have leadership provide time and resources.

We are committed to influence the Lord’s word in this world by being obedient to “The Great Commandment” (Mark 12: 30-31) and “The Great Commission” (Matthew 28: 19-20)


Pastor Torres attended a men’s Christian based conference in 1995. During that conference a speaker mentioned the importance of the Bible verse from Proverbs, 27:17 which states, “as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another”. That struck a calling in the heart of the pastor. He had been in a ministry under a fellow Pastor Freddie Garcia with an outcry ministry in the Barrio of San Antonio. After a few more years he became a praise worship leader at another church. God then called him to begin his own ministry, the Iron Sharpens Iron Ministry, which first started with the recovery home at 1514 W. Olmos.

Initially that location was not only the men’s recovery home, but also the residence for the Pastor and his wife, Rafaella. After two years the growth of the home allowed the Torres family to move to a different residential home.

Both Pastor Torres and his wife are ordained ministers through the tutelage of Pastor Montes de Oca. They have been together for over 40 years in the calling, raised their own family and continue to give back endless hours of support with the men’s recovery home, Lawn Care supervision and education, plus the Sunday ministry.

Pastor Torres recently accomplished his certification of Chaplain. As a practicing pastor, Pastor Torres has been able to serve as an ordained clergy member who works in one religious’ organization, such as a church or pastor. In this new role, as Chaplain, he is a certified clergy member who provides spiritual care for individuals in a non-religious organization rather than a church congregation. With this new certification, this now allows him to have more accessibility to people outside of a church. He can now preach the Gospel in prisons to those who are incarcerated, providing hope that Christ is something to consider as the way and the truth. This will assist in his efforts to reach so many more people, especially those incarcerated that may feel like they have no hope left.

We are proudly 501C-3 approved. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the ministry to help and serve others, please use the box below. Give what you can and join our growing list to learn of projects and support aspects of the ministry with our twice a year newsletter.